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JMP- New Year- Beat the Coach-Good Habits Challenge

January 1 @ 8:00 am - January 14 @ 11:00 pm

The New Year is around the corner, so that means it is about time for the 2021 JMP-New Year-Beat the Coach-Good Habits Challenge (formally known as the New Year-Beat the Coach-Clean Living Challenge.)

This is the 1st Challenge in the JMP Challenge Series for 2021.

Last January we made healthy changes during the challenge that lasted some of us all year long.  This time I want you guys to take it to the next level!  So I’m changing the Challenge, making it harder and bringing it in line with the Precision Nutrition program we are all familiar with.

We are going to eat better, exercise more, sleep better and develop better fitness and nutrition habits in January!   And of course earn valuable JMP Series points in the process, if you can beat me!

So here is the Challenge-

Starting January 1st and going until January 14th (14 days) we are going to establish some great nutrition, exercise and lifestyle habits that will hopefully set the tone for 2021.

Here are the rules-

We will:

Eat the appropriate portions according to our individual goals (determined by me and you)

Eat lean protein at every meal

Eat fruits and/or veggies at every meal

Eat healthy fats at every meal

Eat smart carbs only after a workout

Drink 6 cups on water everyday

Exercise at least 30 minutes everyday

Get at least 7.5 hours of sleep every night

How The Challenge will be scored-

Everything will be done on the honor system.  If you cheat, you will be cheating yourself and if you are fine with that then there is nothing I can do about it.

You will earn a point for each thing you complete on the ‘We will’ list, each day.  There is no set total for each day as individual meals will vary from person to person.  Here is an example of a perfect day for someone who eats three meals a day:

Day 1 Example-

Breakfast- portion control (1 point), lean protein (1 point), veggies (1 point), fats (1 point)

60 minute workout (1 point)

Lunch- portion control (1 point), lean protein (1 point), veggies (1 point), fats (1 point), smart carb after workout only (1 point)

Dinner- portion control (1 point), lean protein (1 point), veggies (1 point), fats (1 point)

Drink 6 cups of water (1 point)

Get 8 hours of sleep (1 point)

Total for Day 1= 16 points

Then you repeat that for 14 days making adjustments to meals as needed.  Only count the points for the things you were able to do.  You will start fresh each day.

How The Challenge will be won-

I will add up your total points from each day for your grand total for the Challenge.  I will then divide the total points by 14 to get your daily average.  I will do the same for my points.  If your average beats or ties my average then you win.

I will try to post my points each day on the white board and in an email so you know where you stand.

What you are competing for-

Everyone who ties or beats the coach will earn 40 points towards the JMP Challenge Series prizes.

Everyone who completes The Challenge (reports points for all 14 days,) but has a lower average than the coach will earn 25 points towards the JMP Challenge Series prizes.

How to enter-

Just tell me, email, or text before January 1st telling me you accept this challenge.  It is that simple!

If you have questions please let me know before the start of The Challenge and Good Luck everyone!


January 1 @ 8:00 am
January 14 @ 11:00 pm

It’s time to make a change, it’s time to be happy with your body and your fitness.