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JMP March Madness Exercise Challenge

March 17, 2019 - April 8, 2019

JMP March Madness Exercise Challenge

As many of you know, I am a huge college basketball fan, so to celebrate March Madness we are going to do a NCAA Basketball bracket challenge using the farmer’s carry or wall- sit to earn JMP Challenge Series points.

This is the 5th Challenge in the JMP Challenge Series for 2019.

The JMP March Madness Burpee Challenge is a tournament style challenge where we will test your college basketball knowledge and your work capacity levels.  This will be a fun and fast way to earn JMP Challenge Series points and separate yourself from the pack.

So here is the Challenge-

The NCAA tournament starts on March 21st and 22nd (we won’t be including the play-in games,) so you will pick a team that is in the tournament before each round of games, then do either farmers carry or wall sit to earn a points multiplier for that round, watch your team play, and score challenge points if they win, then repeat for each round of the tournament.  Earn more points then your competitors to win the grand prize and JMP Challenge Series points.

Here are the rules-

1) Everyone competing will pick a team in the first round.  You can pick any team you want that is playing and the points you score will depend on the team’s seeding in the bracket.

For example- if you pick Arizona and they are a #1 seed, then you are playing for 1 point or if you pick Saint Marys and they are a #12 seed, then you are playing for 12 points.

2) You will then do either a farmer’s carry holding 75% of your current body weight for time or a wall-sit holding 25% of your current body weight for time to earn a multiplier to increase your points. Here is how the multipliers will break down:

Less than 30 seconds = a 1X multiplier

30 seconds = a 2X multiplier

45 seconds = a 3X multiplier

60 seconds = a 4X multiplier

90 seconds = a 5X multiplier

For example- if you do 45 seconds of carries or holds, you get the 3X multiplier, so if your team was Arizona then your points for that round would be 1 X 3 = 3 points.  If it was Saint Marys then your points would be 12 X 3 = 36 points.

3) You only earn points if your team wins, so you will need to pick wisely.  Keep this in mind- the lower numbered seeds (like #1) will more likely win and score you points, but the higher numbered seeds (like #12) are less likely to win but will score way more points if they do.  So you will have to weigh risk vs. reward.

4) We will repeat rules 1-3 for each round regardless if you win or lose your previous round, so no one gets knocked out of the challenge.  There will be 6 rounds in this challenge and you will pick a new team every round.

5) Each person competing needs to pick a team each round.  You can have anyone you want help you select a team, or you can pick a team by color or state or mascot, etc.  But you must pick a team.  Don’t tell me to pick a team for you, because I won’t.  If you don’t pick a team and submit your pick before the deadline, you will get zero points for that round.

How the Exercise Multiplier will be earned-

You will do carries or holds before each round of games.  They can be performed in your training session, or on video from wherever you choose (but you will need the appropriate weights.)

Video submissions should be sent by text.

How the Challenge will be scored-

Every round you will score points if your team wins and those points will be added together to get your Challenge Total Score.

How the Challenge will be won-

The person with the highest Challenge Total Score after the last round (the Championship game) will win the Challenge.

What you are competing for-

The Challenge winner will get a SDSU Basketball package ($200 value) for next year which includes four tickets to a game of your choice (some exceptions apply), and a premium parking pass.

All competitors will also earn JMP Challenge Series points:

1st place- 40 points

2nd place- 30 points

3rd place- 20 points

4th place- 15 points

5th place and below- 10 points

How to enter-

The NCAA tournament selection show is on Sunday March 17th, and the first round of games begins on March 21st.

Please tell, text or email me by March 17th to enter.  You should pick your first round team by March 20th, and your first round carries or holds can be done anytime between now and March 20th.

If you have questions please let me know before the start of The Challenge and Good Luck everyone!


March 17, 2019
April 8, 2019

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